Los Angeles auto show

Good Morning Warren and friends

I’ve been in Los Angeles all week for the Los Angeles auto show. On Tuesday a new day was added to the pre-show events called Connected Car Expo. All the infotainment, telematics, self-driving, and autonomous car groups were displaying their wares and having group discussions. It’s an interesting time for automobiles and event the architecture of automobiles.

I spent my time at the LA auto show talking to about 15 executives. Those interviews will be up shortly on driving the nation. We talked about marketshare and how it correlates to brand loyalty and if it does.

The LA auto show was very wonderful. The Honda Accord won the green car of the year while Mercedes had the most beautiful car of the year.

I drove the new Cadillac ELR yesterday through the hills of Malibu and around Mulholland drive. If you saw the Cadillac Converje concept there is very little difference in the production car. The interiors are beautiful.

By the way – The Cadillac ELR is the Chevy Volt on Cadillac steroids. Think Ultra-lux with the ability to plug in or run on a generator fueled by gasoline.

Chevy says that all Volts combined have driven over 300,000,000 miles of electric drive and saved millions of gallons of gasoline

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