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October 10, 2014 Washington Post Real Wheels

Mazda CX-5 solution

Good Morning Warren and friends

One of the chatters asked about the Mazda USB issue, saying, “Mazda UK is working on its third version of a replacement USB module that fixes many of the USB problems, yet here in the U.S. we aren’t getting any love from Mazda USA. Would you please ask Mazda what gives?

Thanks, and hope all is well with you,”

I did ask Mazda USA and this was their reply,

“Mazda is working towards a solution for all of the markets where CX-5 is sold, not just the UK. We don’t have a timeline of when a fix will be available but it is in the works. We encourage customers to contact our Customer Experience Center at 800-222-5500 so they can make note of any issues and follow-up directly with the customer when additional information is available. ”

“Sorry I don’t have more information to share at this time but will update you as soon as I do.”

This week I drove the Kia K900, the high-end sedan. It’s a great sedan but Kia didn’t provide the sheets that tell me how much the car costs. I can tell you that the MSRP on a K900 V8 5.0L GDI V8 – 8 A/T is $59,500.00. I think it also has the $6,000 VIP package. Don’t forget to add the $900 for a destination charge.

You won’t find the K900 at every car dealer. According to a Kia dealer in Northern California, not all dealers will carry the K900. I was told that it cost $50,000 for a car dealer to be able to carry the K900 and another $75,000 for their mechanics to learn how to service the car.

Only time will tell whether people will buy a $60-65,000 Kia. It’s worth every penny, but so was the Volkswagen Phaeton. Would you buy a Kia for $65,000? When the average price of a car is $31,000. I wrote before that the Hyundai Genesis drove like a Lexus. Hyundais cars didn’t use to be that expensive, so we’ll see if Kia can make the jump.

This week I am going to try out the Sensus Connect infotainment system, Volvo On Call telematics, and the Volvo On Call smartphone app “ all which come standard on every 2015.5 Volvo – on the 2015.5 Volvo S60. If you have any questions email me them to me at lou at

I was in Detroit this week looking at some of the new vehicles the Chrysler group will be showing at the Los Angeles auto show. They showed us the new 2015 Chrysler 300 and the Fiat 500 that was revealed at the Paris auto show. Since Warren was at the Paris auto show you can ask him what he thought of the car :)

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