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October 14, 2011 Washington Post car chat

Flying Solo

We’re flying solo today, without our main man, Mr. Brown. He’ll be back next week. This week I will answer the questions, but as always, feel free to add your two cents if I miss something.

Great question.

There’s such a difference between what a manufacturer can do to a car they sell and what you can do to a car in the aftermarket. Especially when it comes to getting fuel economy. But you want auto safety.

It would depend on the age of the person. Young teens, beginning drivers I would put a governer on their car that didn’t allow them to go over a certain mile per hour. I would disable their radio if they didn’t have their seat belt on, or didn’t use their blinkers when changing lanes. And I would put a radio shield in their car that wouldn’t accept emails and phone calls on their phones.

For older people, I would make it a requirement to have blind spot notification in their side mirrors. As we age our neck has less movement and our eyes have less peripheral vision.

I thought there was a requirement that bumper heights matched, but if there isn’t I would require that. I, too, dislike tinted windows.

But for people my age, and yours, we could drive any way we want.

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