Good Morning Warren and Friends,

I’m in Tarrytown, NY, today for the Honda Civic launch. Of course, there is an embargo but think of all the new “stuff” the Accord has on its car. What is amazing is how much the shape and size of the Civic have changed.

I was talking to George Peterson at dinner last night. Peterson owns Auto Pacific, an automotive research and product specialist firm. George says that the Volkswagen image has gone down from 80% to 25%. Well, that didn’t take long! We know that the 2016 diesel engines are on hold. The one thing I remember from the hearing yesterday was one of the congressmen asking the VW CEO, Michael Horn, why the defeat software wasn’t patented. If they finally got this working it would have been something they wanted to be patented.

Warren couldn’t be at the Honda Civic event (so I’m sitting in the seat that has his name on it ;) But we were at the BMW 7_series together and I videoed him talking about the 7-Series.

Let’s chat about cars.

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Ten generations of Honda Civic