TodayApril 15, 2022

Pacifica on the Pacific, Volt, Altima carchat

Good Morning Warren and Friends,

Last week I told you I would be driving the Chrysler Pacifica, so today I am on the Pacific Ocean about to head off in the Pacifica. Next week I will have the driving impressions.

I am in a Pacifica presentation as we speak, so if you have any questions ask now!

You can watch my twitter feed today as well. At around 8:20 California time we are going to periscope the presentation, which will go on Twitter.

I am going to have the Chrysler Uconnect expert give a presentation on how to connect Uconnect. He is going to show my cousins, Abby (12) and Frankie (9) how to connect it. Too fun.

I drove two different vehicles this week, both I would buy.

The first was the 2016 Chevy Volt, the reason the government saved General Motors. Seriously, I had seen some of the technology GM had. They were right on the crux of bringing this technology out and BAM! all heck broke loose.

I love the 2nd generation Volt. I plug it in my circular driveway, the same place my fountain outlet is connected. I hop in the car, and I’ve got 47 miles before the gasoline kicks in. Heated seats, heated steering wheel. As any of you that follow me know, my next car will be a plug-in hybrid. I believe in that technology. My next big purchase will be solar panels, after that, a PHEV.

The second vehicle was the 2016 Nissan Altima 2.5 SV. The starting MSRP on the Altima SV is $25,460, but I would add in the cold weather package for the extra $500 for the heated front seats and heated steering wheel.

Including the moonroof and the rest of the options, the 2016 Altima 2.5 SV out the door was $28,935 – with a 39 mpg on the highway!

Let’s chat about cars!

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Pacifica on the Pacific, Volt, Altima carchat

Pacifica on the Pacific, Volt, Altima carchat

Lou Ann Hammond

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