John Batchelor – does GM have the will to be ZEV?

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In 2004, John Batchelor drove a Hydrogen3 in Central Park; Tavern on the Green to be specific. Soon after that, the Hydrogen fuel cell seemed to wither away, and all traces, including the Tavern on the Green, went by the wayside. This week John Batchelor and I talked about the resurgence of General Motor's zero [...]

Gocycle GS electric bike on sale now!

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If you've been thinking about buying an electric bike, look at the Gocycle GS. I've been riding a G2 for the last year, and I absolutely love riding the Gocycle G2. Last November 2016 I tore my Achilles' tendons; yes, both of them. I was running down a steep hill when I felt the first [...]

Christian von Koenigsegg on Regera hybrid

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Christian von Koenigsegg founded Koenigsegg when he was twenty-two years old, on August 12, 1994. You would think Christian was one of those Ritchie Rich types who decided to make a really cool supercar. Not so. At Nineteen years old Christian was an entrepreneur, selling everything from plastic bags to chickens. But a childhood dream [...]