Safe driving tips for young women drivers

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Safe driving tips for young women drivers As a young woman when you got your driver's license, you might think you’ve got everything sorted once you pass your driving test and get your license, but this is only the start of your automotive journey. The real learning experience starts when you get behind the wheel [...]

2020 Chevy Silverado Heavy-Duty HD first look

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Ram and Ford tried to rain on Chevy's parade putting out press releases about their trucks. Mark Reuss might as well have tweeted a #holdmybeer to them as he unveiled the 2020 Chevrolet Silverado HD with 35,500-pound towing capacity. The Flint manufacturing plant will have 4,000 jobs in that plant next year. Reuss [...]

Are you driving yourself crazy?

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Are you driving yourself crazy? If you feel as though you have been neglecting your mental health recently, then you will know how much of a toll this can take. You may feel as though you have zero energy in the day and that you are not able to concentrate for long periods of time [...]

Toyota Hydrogen Fuel-Cell Truck at CES2019

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The first drayage truck Toyota used to retrofit into a fuel-cell was a Kenworth T660. Toyota pimped the Kenworth Truck Company using two fuel-cell Mirai sedans to create the T660. A Drayage truck’s CO2 emissions are equal to 22 units of Passenger vehicle. Chris Rovik, engineer and executive program manager of Toyota Motor North America's [...]