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Park Hotel art show in Tokyo, Japan

When you think of art exhibits you think of locations such as San Francisco or New York in places such as the De Young or the Museum of Modern Art. Hotels are becoming the newest place to see private art collections. Recently, I stayed at the Waldorf Astoria, Rome Cavalieri in Rome, Italy where they housed a private art collection. It speaks to the hotel itself that they want to be seen as more than a place to stay, but a place to go for art and life.

When I lived in Japan art was part of the culture. If you understand the Japanese artist, you understood Japan, the country. Now, Park Hotel is allowing you to few Japan and Japanese artists in the sanctuary of their hotel.

The Park Hotel in Tokyo, Japan is the newest location to host a prominent artist collection. Starting today the Park Hotel Tokyo will hold an art exhibition titled “Dance! Of Autumn Color” by Masuo Ikeda and Chiaki Shuji Art Exhibition from August 28 to December 3, 2017.

Park Hotel Tokyo holds four art exhibitions a year, offering guests hospitality with Japanese aesthetics of each season. This time, artworks by two colorists — Masuo Ikeda, a deceased artist, and contemporary artist Chiaki Shuji — will be displayed in the lobby and on the 31st floor to express the splendor of autumn colors of Japan.

Guests can enjoy the original cocktail and dessert that perfectly complement the works on exhibit at ART Lounge. In the evening, powerful images with a motif of the exhibition works will be projected on the 30-meter-high wall.

Park Hotel Tokyo General Manager Yoshiaki Hayashi said: “This will be an exhibition that expresses the transition of seasons with artworks of colors, which looks as if they are dancing. Please enjoy the brilliant colors of autumn in Japan.”

Park Hotel Tokyo Art Project Director Yoshitomo Fujikawa said: “Artworks by two colorists that transcend generations will collaborate at this exhibition. Through this exhibition, I hope that guests will experience the beauty of Japan that the collaboration will deliver.”

Artist Masuo Ikeda biography

Internationally acclaimed contemporary artist, known to have multi-talent, as a painter, engraver, sculptor, potter, Akutagawa Prize-winning novelist, essayist, and also a movie director.

1934 Born in Mukden, Manchuria (now known as Shenyang).

1945 After the Second World War he was repatriated with his parents to Nagano prefecture, lived there during his youth until graduation of high school.

1960 Made his debut as an artist, awarded at international engraving exhibitions

1965 Held private exhibition as the first Japanese artist at the Museum of Modern Art, New York

1966 Awarded the International Grand Prix in the Prints section of the Venice Biennale

Besides his work as an artist based in Tokyo and New York, Ikeda worked as a novelist, and won the Akutagawa Prize by the novel “Eige-kai ni Sasagu (Homage to the Aegean)”, and the movie which he directed had also received a good reputation. Later, he moved to a studio apartment in the resort town of Atami, created and expanded the range of expression through the three-dimensional pottery and bronze artworks.

On March 8, 1997, still in the middle of hearty creative activities, passed away at the age of 63. A month later, Masuo Ikeda Art Museum opened on April 18, 1997. Memorial and retrospective exhibitions are often being held after his death.

Artist Chiaki Shuji biography

1973 Born in Kyoto, Japan / Graduated from The Post Graduate Program in Kyoto City University of Arts, Department of Fine Art, Printmaking Course

2000 Cracow International Prints Triennial 2000 (Poland)

2001 Celebrating Japan Past and Present (Royal Albert Memorial Museum/England), Made in Japan (Bristol City Museum/England), Japan and Bulgaria Contemporary Print Exhibition (Bulgaria National Gallery)

2013 Calm Poems of Intaglio Color Printing (Machida City Museum of Graphic Arts)

2017 25 Artists Exhibition (Sato Art Museum), “Dance! of Autumn Color” Masuo Ikeda × Chiaki Shuji Art Exhibition (Park Hotel Tokyo), Solo Exhibition (Shinobazu Gallery/Tokyo)

The “Artist Floor” at the Park Hotel Tokyo is now complete, having 31 Artist Rooms. The Artist Rooms are standard rooms decorated by selected Japanese artists who painted on walls and ceilings while staying at the hotel, based on the concept “Beauty of Japan.”

Park Hotel Tokyo started a project in December 2012 in which an artist decorates an entire room. With 31 different artists decorating as many rooms with themes such as “sumo” and “zen,” turning the floor into the full-fledged “Artist Floor.”

Between August 7 and 27, three Artist Rooms will be open to the public every day. Not only staying guests but also visitors are welcome to visit the rooms.

General Manager Yoshiaki Hayashi said:
“We have completed the ‘Artist Floor’ where each Artist Room expresses different ‘Beauty of Japan’ through the eyes of each artist. We hope that guests will enjoy discovering different beauty of Japan expressed by different artists.”

Hotel Manager Atsushi Ono said:
“We are proud to announce that all 31 Artist Rooms are finally complete, each encapsulating Japanese beauty. We guarantee that guests will experience an exciting stay surrounded by powerful art in the Artist Rooms.”

Park Hotel Tokyo hopes that guests will enjoy “Beauty of Japan” created by these artists.

 Park Hotel Tokyo Artist Room by Mariko Kobayashi

Park Hotel Tokyo Artist Room by Mariko Kobayashi

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