Paulo Diniz, Chief Financial Officer, COSAN, S.A.

Paulo Diniz is Chief Financial Officer of Cosan, S.A. contibutes to the alternative energy marketplace seminar at the 2007 Brazil Summit in New York city Monday April 16, 2007.

Paulo Diniz
Chief Financial Officer
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Mr. Paulo Diniz is Chief Financial Officer of Cosan, S.A., the leading company in Brazil’s ethanol and sugar industry. He currently serves as a member of the company’s Board of Directors.Mr. Diniz has over 25 years of experience in finance and administration at both the corporate and operational levels – locally and internationally. Over the course of his career, Mr. Diniz has been associated with a variety of prominent organizations, including Hoffman La-Roche in Brazil, United Technologies-Carrier Corp. in the US, Bank of Montreal in Canada, and Keramik Laufen in Switzerland. Before joining Cosan in 2003, Mr. Diniz served as Chief Financial Officer for the Telecom Italia Group in Brazil, and later as Chief Financial Officer for Telecom Italia’s operations across Latin America.

He holds a Master’s Degree in business administration from IMD in Switzerland, a production engineering degree from the Escola PolitÈcnica of Sžo Paulo University, and a post-graduate degree in human resources from INSEAD in France.

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