Look Ma, no hands!

Ever tried to get your teenager to bring you back the car with the same amount of gasoline in it that they left with? Imagine trying to get them to plugin the car when they park it, especially when they’ve got major drama going on with some kid on the phone as they’re getting out of the car.

Love  an electric vehicle but are always forgetting to plug it in and you think to yourself, “I’ll come back out to the garage later and do it”? Certainly you can’t plug the car in if you have groceries to take in, or crying babies to sooth.

What if it’s raining outside and you don’t feel comfortable putting a plug in a car that has been rained on?

Plugless Power is the worlds first “hands-free” proximity charging system for electric vehicles, requiring no cord, and no plug. Oh so cool.

Rebecca Hough, plugless power spokesperson, says this is the same inductive power transfer that has been used in electrical transformers for over 100 years.

There are three levels of charging, and plugless power starts at level two, which allows you to charge in 3-5 hours instead of 18-20 hours.

Expect to start seeing these power unit’s within a year.