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It’s time for the WAPO carchat

I’m so sore! I went bowling with the good people of Honda last night for an hour and a half. What a workout!

Yesterday I drove the Honda Accord hybrid. EPA fuel estimate is 47mpg. The first leg we went through the mountains – the twisties. I got 52mpg. We took the direct route from UC Davis to Napa, I-80 highway and I only got 40mpg. Does anyone know the reason I got such a big difference?

Yep, regenerative braking on the first lap, none on the second lap. It makes me want to remind you that I got 40mpg with the Chevy Malibu hybrid as well. When I reported that to you, I stated that I did my regular driving around Auburn, but I didn’t think about whether I did mostly highway driving.

In 2014 Honda created a smart home, UC Davis. We got to visit it yesterday. If you’re thinking of building a net-zero house, or partial I took a video of Ryan Harty and Michael Koenig from Honda’s Environmental Business Development Office so that you could think of some of the things they are talking about before you build your home. You can see them on Driving the Nation facebook you can also go to Honda Smart Home.

I drove the Dodge Challenger to Napa, CA to the Meritage Resort. It should have taken me 1.5 hours, but because of a big rig accident, it took 3 hours. It would have taken longer if I hadn’t been using the WAZE app. I always refer to WAZE as the first connected car app.

Thousands of people were using it, and you could see the cars that were using it because WAZE was telling us which way to go, when to get off the highway, which backroads to take to circumvent the congestion, and how to get back on the highway. Even in the congestion, the scat pack got 20 mpg. All of you know how much standing still in traffic costs in fuel economy. I am sure I lost five mpg.

Click on the picture to go to the Washington Post carchat July 15, 2016:

Pokemon Go, WAZE, USAA insurance, washington post carchat, honda accord hybrid, honda smart home, dodge challenger
Pokemon Go, WAZE, USAA insurance, Washington post carchat, honda accord hybrid, honda smart home, dodge challenger
Lou Ann Hammond

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