Los Angeles, CA – Lonnie Miller is Vice President of Polk’s Marketing & Industry Analysis team. Miller talked to Lou Ann Hammond, CEO, www.drivingthenation.com, about the auto industry, past, present and future.

Polk is known for impartial data collection and reporting. It wasn’t until I read Polk’s website that I found out that Alfred P. Sloan, president and later chairman of General Motors, asked Ralph Lane Polk II to impartially tabulate and publish automotive statistics in the early 1920s. Polk has been providing automotive information based on used and new registrations ever since.

What does Polk forecast for sales for the future? It’s great to see auto sales bounce back from the abysmal 10.4 million sales in 2007, but can we get back to 16-17 million sales per year? How important are scrapage rates and the economy?

Most people focus just on new car sales, but Miller brings in used cars to show us how far down the new car industry went, and how it is coming back.

How long are people keeping their cars?

What powertrains are people buying?