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President Bush visits California Fuel Cell Partnership

President Bush visits the hydrogen State

President Bush visit’s California Fuel Cell PartnershipWest Sacramento Today, President Bush visited the California Fuel Cell Partnership headquarters to learn about the progress of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. During his visit, the President toured the solar-powered facility including CaFCPs hydrogen station and a vehicle service by one of eight to see the work that goes on every day. He also saw fuel cell vehicles produced by eight auto manufacturers and two fuel cell buses.

At the conclusion of the tour, President Bush spoke about advanced transportation technology to an audience comprised of CaFCP members and White House guests.

I strongly believe hydrogen is the fuel of the future. That’s what we’re talking about, the President stated during his speech. Hydrogen is used in a fuel cell that can power a car that uses no gasoline, produces no pollution or greenhouse gas emissions. Hydrogen vehicles can be twice as efficient as gasoline vehicles. Hydrogen is clean; hydrogen is domestically produced, and hydrogen is the wave of the future. And the people here at the California Fuel Cell Partnership understand that.

Currently, 134 fuel cell passenger vehicles and nine fuel cell buses have been placed on Californias roads and fuel at the 22 hydrogen stations located in major metropolitan areas in California. The vehicles are powered by electricity produced onboard by fuel cells that combine hydrogen fuel with oxygen from the air. The only tailpipe emission is water. Today’s visit to CaFCP highlights the importance of fuel cell vehicles powered by hydrogen in our nation’s transportation future. We are honored to host President Bush and show him the progress California is making through our unique collaborative approach, said Catherine Dunwoody, CaFCP executive director. Every day, our members learn from their real-world operation of vehicles and hydrogen fuel stations in California fleets. Through this activity, we are laying the foundation for a sustainable transportation future.

Founded during Earth Week seven years ago, the California Fuel Cell Partnership is a collaboration of 31 member organizations working together to promote the commercialization of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. CaFCP members include automotive manufacturers, energy providers, government agencies, fuel cell technology companies, and transit agencies. Through collaboration, the members share learnings, develop common practices and prepare the California market for hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.

CaFCP is committed to promoting fuel cell vehicle commercialization as a means of moving toward a sustainable energy future, increasing energy efficiency, and reducing or eliminating air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.

For more information on the CaFCP and the Earth Day Celebration.

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