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Questions from Chrysler customers & the answers

What does this new company mean to me as a Chrysler, Dodge or Jeep customer?

Chrysler and it’s dealers will continue to sell and service vehicles and honor
warranties without interruption. Consumers can continue to purchase our
vehicles with complete confidence.

What is the ownership structure of the new company?

When the transaction is completed, the Voluntary Employee Beneficiary
Association (VEBA) will own 55 percent of the new company and the U.S. and
Canadian governments will own proportionate shares of a 10 percent stake. Fiat
will initially own a 20 percent stake in Chrysler. Fiat will have the right to
increase it’s ownership stake an additional 15 percent in three increments as it
meets the following criteria: 5 percent for bringing a 40 mpg vehicle platform to
Chrysler to be produced in the U.S.; 5 percent for providing a fuel-efficient engine
family to be produced in the U.S. for use in Chrysler vehicles; and 5 percent for
providing Chrysler access to its vast global distribution network to facilitate the
export of Chrysler vehicles. Fiat cannot become a majority owner until all U.S.
Treasury loans have been completely repaid.

What happens if Chrysler stops manufacturing the vehicle I own, will I still
be able to get parts for it?

There will continue to be a supply of replacement parts for vehicles that Chrysler
manufactured. It will be no different than when any manufacturer stops making a
particular vehicle model (For example, Chrysler stopped manufacturing the
Dodge Neon in 2006, but you can still purchase replacement parts for the
vehicle). Mopar will still be available as well.

When can customers in North America purchase Fiat vehicles?

The alliance allows for the potential distribution of Fiat vehicles through
Chryslers dealerships. But it is too early to comment on future products.

I placed an order for a vehicle prior to Chrysler’s bankruptcy and the plants
shutting down. My dealer tells me that it is still in the assembly process.

I’m concerned about the quality of my vehicle after sitting so long on the
line. What processes does Chrysler have in place to guarantee the quality
of my vehicle?

The circumstances that caused our plants to shut down are certainly
extraordinary, but in reality, this situation is no different than when we idle a plant
for a holiday, on the weekends or for a few weeks to adjust our inventory levels.
There are protocols in place to ensure the quality of every vehicle in the build
process. Customers need not be concerned about the quality of their vehicles at
this time.

I keep hearing about “assigned” and “rejected” dealers, what does
“rejected dealer” mean?

In the U.S., “Assigned” dealers will have their agreements transferred to the new
company and will continue to sell new Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep vehicles and
perform authorized warranty work. “Rejected” dealers will not have their
agreements transferred to the new company and will not be allowed to sell new
Chrysler, Dodge, and Jeep vehicles nor perform warranty work.

My local dealer is going out of business, where can I take my vehicle
for warranty work or service?

Any of the approximately 2,400 Chrysler, Jeep or Dodge dealers in the United
States, regardless of brand, can and will perform warranty work. A customer is
not required to take the vehicle to the same dealership they purchased the
vehicle from. There are thousands of Chrysler, Jeep and Dodge dealers located
throughout North America. Customers may visit the brand Websites
(,, and and type their zip code
into the “Find a dealer” window to view a map listing several dealerships in their

What happens to the customers that have ordered a vehicle from a dealership that is closing, but the vehicle hasn’t been delivered?

Customers waiting for delivery of factory orders will be directed to a nearby
dealer in their area who can fulfill the order for the vehicle.

What if a customer has a deposit for a vehicle that was ordered but hasn’t been delivered, and the dealer is closing, what happens to the deposit?

The agreement of purchase is between the customer and the dealer. Customers should review their purchase agreement for the options available to them and talk to their dealers.

What if delivery of the ordered vehicle won’t take place for 2 months or
more because the factories are on shut down, what happens to that customer and their deposit?

The agreement to purchase the vehicle is between the customer and the dealer,
so customers should read their purchase agreement for potential options they
may have and talk to their dealer.

How will the bankruptcy filing affect existing Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep
vehicle warranties?

There is no change to existing warranties. All warranties will continue to be in
effect and honored. The warranty will remain valid for the duration of the warranty
period. The warranty is guaranteed by the U.S. government if the vehicle is/was
purchased from March 30, 2009, to June 30, 2009. In addition, a possibility exists
for a renewal or extension based on mutual agreement.

Editor’s note:
****If you purchased an extended warranty from the dealership, not Chrysler, please, read your agreement.****

I received a warranty check from Chrysler that bounced when the Company
filed for bankruptcy. Will the Company be honoring those checks? Will they
be covering any bank fees associated with the bounced checks?

We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused our customers. We are
working as quickly as possible to resolve this situation and will be reissuing
checks that were previously issued and not cashed. While Chrysler is not able to
reimburse customers for any bank fees they might have incurred as a result of
these rejected checks at this time, a letter is available at that customers can take to their banks, explaining
the situation and asking them to waive the fees. Any additional questions can be
directed to the Call Center at 800-992-1997.

What happens to the loan for my vehicle?

Customers should continue to make their payments every month to the address
on the statement or continue to have their payment automatically debited from
their bank. The obligation will continue to exist, similar to when a home
mortgage is transferred to another lender.

Will my service contract in the United States still be valid?

If your service contract was purchased through Chrysler and not a third party,
your contract will be valid for the duration of the contract

If your service contract was purchased as an Independent Third-party Service
Contract, most reputable service contract companies pay claims at competitive
rates and will honor their contracts regardless of servicing dealers. To ensure
coverage customers will need to contact their service contract provider and
servicing dealer. If not honored most contracts are cancelable and the customer
maybe eligible to receive a prorated refund.

If the Service Contract is a Dealer Supported Service Contract (Dealer owns the
Service Contract Company) it is unlikely that other dealers would support that
contract, customers should contact the dealer they purchased the service
contract from.

I purchased non-Chrysler service contracts through my dealer, who is
closing, what happens to my service contract?

Each dealer will be a unique situation (some may continue selling and servicing
other make vehicles, some may continue selling and servicing used vehicles,
some may cease operations) customers should look at the terms of their contract
to determine courses of action available to them.

I bought the $2.99 gas card promotion, is that, and will it continue to be

Yes, there are no changes to that program.

Who can I contact if I have additional questions?

Customers with questions can call toll-free 877-271-1568 (the US and Canada) or
visit Customers in international markets may
call 503-597-7708

Source: Chrysler

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