Good Morning Warren and Friends,

What was the car you purchased and how much did you purchase it for? Truecar sent me a list of all manufacturers and the average price of the car. What did you pay for your car? with what everyone else paid for their car. (Yes, I realize it is an average of all vehicles in that group)

There’s lots of information, including average interest rates for new and used cars.

I drove the 2016 VW Jetta 1.4 turbo SE gasoline sedan this week. Out the door, it was $20,915! That’s amazing – with heated front seats too. EPA says it gets 28 city/39 highway.

What did you pay for your car? (D-CA) at the Los Angeles Auto Show (LAAS). Pavley authored the AB-32 and SB-32 bill that mandates Zero-Emission Vehicles in California. AB-32 expires soon and she is trying to get SB-32 through to mandate ZEV and near-ZEV (like plug-ins) be sold in California. It will be interesting to see if she can get it passed.

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