Rob Allen, Director of Product Planning, Maserati North America talked to Lou Ann Hammond, CEO,, about the new Maserati Quattroporte.

Quattroporte translated from Italian means 4-doors, Maserati redefines those 4-doors into a luxury sedan. This is the fiftieth anniversary, six generations, of Maserati’s 4-door sports sedan. The seven brothers, named Maserati, would be proud of the cars that have been created under the Maserati name since 1914.

If you like the racing appeal of the Ferrari you’ll love that Maserati gets their twin-turbo V-8 engine from their sibling in Maranello, Italy, Ferrari. Paolo Martinelli is taking his knowledge from the Formula One team’s engine department to overseeing the new engines at Maserati. As with most exclusive vehicles, a small number are sold in the United States, but Maserati expects that number to increase due to a first for Maserati, the all-wheel drive Quattroporte sedan.

Watch the video and listen as Allen talks about the colors, the infotainment and the technology inside the Quattroporte.