Rolls-Royce bespoke in Goodwood

Mark Court is the only person that can paint the pinstripe on a Rolls-Royce. Court says the hardest part about painting the pinstripe was getting over the fact that the car is “6 meters long and costs over 250,000 Euros ($360,000).”

Mr. Court makes the three-hour process sound easy, but his apprenticeship to learn how to coach-line took five years.

Mark has kept the brushes from his apprenticeship, and added new ones to his collection. The brushes are thin and fine, made out of ox or squirrel hair.

Mr. Court showed me some of the exclusive artwork that has been requested, including a gold coat of arms.

Court told me about a time he was sent to Dubai to paint the pinstripe on a Rolls, “this chap drove his car out to meet some friends that had Rolls. All of their Rolls had a pinstripe. The guy decided he had to have a pinstripe, so he flew me to Dubai. I painted the pinstripe on and flew home.”

Court’s 17-year old son, Ashley, is an apprentice at Goodwood. We first caught sight of him polishing a car. Someday Ashley hopes to take over his Dad’s job.

Watch as Mark tutors Ashley in the art of pinstriping, or coach-lining.