I loved the Ford Fiesta SE

Good Morning Warren and friends

This week I drove the Ford Fiesta and loved it. This is definitely one of the best engines I’ve driven in a while. The torque was RIGHT there, right now.

It’s a 2014 5-door hatch, 5 passenger 1.0liter EcoBoost 3 cylinder 5-spd transmission.

It’s the SE edition, not the ST

Out the door, the car was $18,190.

If you’re a tall guy, like my husband, Stretch, if you push the seat all the way back when driving the insert of the door – the way the cut in is sculptured – doesn’t fit his arm and it rubs up against the coarseness of the door.

And of course, Ford is still getting dinged for its infotainment system. I would love it if they would move to a smartphone-based system instead of the Microsoft system.

Between city and highway driving we got 36.5 mpg. EPA says I should get 32city/45highway/37combined

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