Secretary LaHood’s claim to fame

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Any of you who read this chat know that whenever you ask about what I would require on a car it would be a back-up camera with sensors. The camera is great, but the sensors alert you that something/someone is behind you that you didn’t see. I really believe the sensors are just as important and both should be standard on all large vehicles. To me, they are more important than a new infotainment system but people don’t buy safety, which is why it has to be mandated.

Congress ordered the camera mandated by 2011, but the administration has repeatedly delayed and has now postponed the rule until 2015. This could have been Secretary LaHood’s claim to fame, but he postponed it again and again. According to, “By DOT’s own estimates, it’s delay past the statutory deadline has so far allowed between 237 and 280 preventable deaths – almost half of which have befallen young children.” Over 60% of backing up incidents involved a larger size vehicle. (truck, van, SUV)

Therefore I have asked all car manufacturers to list all the cars that have cameras and/or sensors as standard on their vehicles.

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