Shell Oil and Airflow create Starship hyper-truck

A typical commercial truck gets about six miles per gallon. Technology and Innovation Manager, Shell Lubricants Bob Mainwairing is responsible for Starship, a concept truck that emulates the same concept used on the car that achieved 89 mpg by using lightweight materials, streamlining and lubrication that uses less energy.

Almost everything you have in your house was in a truck at some point. Shell’s website says that “Transport accounts for more than one-quarter of the world’s total energy use and one-fifth of global energy-related carbon dioxide emissions.”

Part of Shell’s SKy scenario, fifty years of how they will reach the Paris Accord agreement, includes answers on how to reduce emissions in the transport sector while increasing fuel efficiency.

Mainwairing went through some of the highlights used to make the Starship truck the most fuel-efficient with the least amount of emissions possible, including Computational fluid dynamics, pneumatically actuated doors, low side skirts and boattails at the back of the truck.