Shell, Toyota, Charlie and renewable hydrogen

Thirteen-year-old Charlie from Loma Verde was in the hydrogen Linde booth at the STEM tent. The tent was set up for the children from schools all over Northern California at the Shell Eco-Marathon make the future event. I was listening to Charlie talk to the Linde hydrogen representative, “You can’t get hydrogen from the air,” that is correct the rep said. I was intrigued. I asked him where he would get hydrogen from, water he said. I explained that water was precious in California so that probably wasn’t a good idea. Dirty water he replied. I told him that we water the ground with dirty water. What about agriculture waste, cow farts (because all kids like to say the fart, right?). Charlie looked at me and said, yes, methane. Seriously!, a thirteen-year-old gets it! We are doing something right.

Phil owns Longhorn Meats, and like his Daddy, before him, he knows how to cut a piece of meat. His business has grown so much that he’s added a cutting room to his little store in Auburn, CA. He’s also looking at running cows on a ranch, but he’s getting a little kickback from the powers that be because of all the methane the cows create in the emission-ridden Northern California. Worry no more, my friend. Let those cows burp and pass gas all they want. The Charlies of the world are finding solutions, and so is Toyota and Shell. We spoke to Doug Murtha group vice president of corporate strategy and planning for Toyota Motor Sales (TMS), USA, Inc. after he participated in the “Infrastructure for the Mobility Revolution” panel in San Francisco at the Shell Powering Progress Together Powering technology for alternative renewable fuels.