Shiro Nakamura is really the senior vice president for the Nissan design division, but this night we are having a bit of fun.

Shiro, as usual, gives a speech about design and what the future holds for Nissan and Infiniti. At the end he teases us with two shadows of future cars; the white one for Nissan, the red for Infiniti.

A colleague, and friend, came up afterward and said they thought the Nissan future car was a 350Z roadster and the red shadow car was a version of an Infiniti GT-R. We all got on a bus together to go to dinner. When I got on the bus Shiro was sitting by himself, so I sat down next to him. I’ve interviewed Shiro often enough that he knows me and we have a good fun relationship.

The bus is a bit noisy, so I wrote the two names down that my friend had said and I asked Shiro if those were the cars. Shiro said no, it was not a 350Z roadster, but a 350Z coupe. Then I pointed to the Infiniti and he shoke his head no, scratched out the GT-R and wrote, “new form”.

We get off the bus and sat down for dinner and my friend said, “so, did he tell you what it was?” Well, of course, I had to play with him. “he told me, but he told me I couldn’t tell anyone”. My friend gave me a hard time the rest of the night.

The clincher came when dinner was over and I took the menu over to Shiro and asked him if he would do me a favor. He did. Below is the picture of the car Shiro drew and then wrote, “don’t tell anyone!”, Shiro.

I can still hear my friend, and colleague, yelling, “No way”.

So, what do you think the red Infiniti is? Watch the video and tell me.