Sillas Oliva Filho contibuted to the alternative energy marketplace seminar at the 2007 Brazil Summit in New York city Monday April 16, 2007.

Sillas Oliva Filho

PetrÛleo Brasileiro SA – PETROBRAS

Executive Director of Marketing and Commercialization (Ethanol and Oxygenates Division)

Sillas_2_155 Sillas Oliva Filho, Ethanol and Oxygenates Division, PetrÛleo Brasileiro SA - PETROBRAS Automobiles and Energy BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, China)
Mr. Sillas Oliva Filho currently serves as the Executive Director of Marketing and Commercialization of PETROBRAS’ Ethanol and Oxygenates division. He has a wealth of experience in corporate governance and the energy sector.Mr. Oliva Filho’s tenure at PETROBRAS stretches back more than a decade. He has held a variety of positions across several PETROBRAS business unit’s, including: the commercial division of Petrobras Distribuidora, new product development, alternative energy solutions and natural gas (including managerial and advisory roles with MSGAS, Gaspetro, Goiasg·s, Cebgas, TAG and the GNL Gemini Consortium).He holds a Master’s Degree in Natural Gas Engineering from Salford University in the UK and a MBA from the University of Londrina. Mr. Oliva Filho has an Undergraduate Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Federal University of Santa Catarina. And he is also a professor at the renowned GetËlio Vargas Foundation in the Oil and Gas Graduate Program, which focuses on business modeling in the Petroleum Industry.