Porsche is one of the iconic cars of our time. The Porsche 911 and 964 are on the racetrack pedestal with other Supercars that have the respect of time and tribulation. If you are a Porsche-phile, you will know of Singer Vehicle Design. Singer Vehicle Design turns old Porsches into six-figure dollar dreams. The reality is almost too good for words, almost.

Singer’s website describes each restored vehicle as, restored, reimagined, and reborn;

Restored – strength, vitality, and purity of purpose are restored to every component.
Reimagined – the delicacy of the ’63 original, the race-bred chic of the ‘70s, the solidity of the ‘80s and the sophistication of the ‘90s, are reimagined in a singular jewel-like car
Reborn – the air-cooled 911, with every dial ‘turned up to eleven’ is reborn to its rightful position in the modern automotive hierarchy.”

Listen as Alexander Lee, CEO for Singer Vehicle Design describes the car and what Singer does to restore and reimagine the iconic cars in a world where money is no object, but the love of the automobile is the goal.

Singer Track 1 chronograph

Singer has created another Objet d’art, the Singer Track 1. The boutique Restoration house is getting into the watch game with a chronograph watch that will fetch about $40,000. The titanium single-hand watch has been recognized by designers, connoisseurs, and collectors.

Marco Borraccino, co-founder, Singer Reimagined (a subsidiary of Singer Vehicle Design), talks about the 50-unit Launch of the first Edition watch that Singer has ever produced. The Swiss-made watch is on sale now.