TodayApril 16, 2022

Heels & Wheels at the 2011 Chicago auto show

It’s the only part of the body, or the car, that touches the ground, the heels and the wheels. We took a few extra seconds to look at the heels & wheels that make up the Chicago auto show press days.

We see them at every show, but pay little attention to them; the heels and wheels of the auto show. You see pictures of a beautiful women in front of a car. You can associate how tall and beautiful she is with the worth of a car. The heels a woman paired with her outfit says a lot about her style. A set of wheels on a car, and the tires, says a lot about the car.
Sure, there are some heels and wheels that can be expensive. We didn’t see any  $1,000,000 Asanti’s that sport 110,000 carats, nor did we see a pair of Roger Vivier Swarovski buckle and sequin stars on a satin platform for $11,000.
What Chicago boasted were tasteful heels paired with nice outfit’s. A pair of black pants tucked into a pair of Steve Madden black boots with a chrome buckle.
We got a picture of rallycross driver Rhys Millen in his lucky winning shoes against the backdrop of a Red-Bull, Sparco sponsored Hyundai Genesis Coupe.
And heels and wheels can say a lot about climate. One can take a cue from heels. During the summer you’re going to wear your styling sandals, but by fall you’ll be switching to flats. Once the snow starts you’re into your boots, or winter tires. People question whether they need winter tires, but think of tires as you do shoes, and you’ll be shelling out the dough for the winter tires.
Just make sure they go with your car.

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Lou Ann Hammond

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