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Solutions for distracted driving challenges

Challenges and solutions to distracted driving

If you’re trying to get around town quickly, you probably aren’t thinking about the repercussions of distracted driving, but it’s one of the top reasons you might be running late to that next meeting.

From missed turns to not making a green light, distracted driving might be a lot less of multi-tasking, and may be keeping you from making those crucial meetings on time. Distracted driving causes cognitive delays, which means you lack the acuity to decide on where to turn, which roads to take, and which parking spot to take with reduced cognitive capacity.

When you think of distracted driving, what’s the first thing you remember? Is it texting while driving? Or is it picking up your cell phone to call when your Bluetooth doesn’t connect for some reason? You might be surprised at some of the top distracted driving events.

There are distracted driving challenges and solutions to the problems.

The distracted driving challenge:

Eating and drinking. The distracted driving isn’t just about drinking alcohol, which is an obvious illegal no-no. But while munching on your healthy snacks on your next car road trip, you may be putting yourself and your passengers at risk.

The solution:

Get your food ready before you’re driving, like setting up healthy snacks in a cup in your drink holder rather than trying to open a ziplock while driving. (Also, try to eat foods that are easy to grab quickly.) If you pull through a fast-food drive-through, pull over into a parking spot and easily access your food so your hands can easily grab it without looking down or searching through a paper bag.

The distracted driving challenge:

Your GPS is having difficulty connecting while you’re on a drive, so you’re holding your phone up with one hand to look at the suggested route to avoid traffic.

The solution:

Make sure your Bluetooth is connected to your stereo before you leave your driveway or parking lot, or be sure that your route is the clearest before you hit the road.

The distracted driving challenge:

Fixing your makeup before a big meeting while driving.

The solution:

If you don’t want to take the time to put your lipstick on before you head out the door, leave a minute earlier. When you get to your company’s parking spot, slide on your lipstick before heading out the door.

Distracted driving is often only discussed about car accidents. In 2018 alone, distracted driving claimed over 2,800 lives, ranging from the driver of the vehicle to passengers, pedestrians, and bicyclists.

Even if you never have a car crash, there are many ways it can affect your life.

However, if you do happen to get in a car accident, call your insurance immediately. It is prudent to bring on a car accident attorney if you are in a car accident with someone who is not insured. Follow up with a police report at your local DMV. If you need a suggestion, Attorney Jared Everton is a well-known car accident attorney who can help ensure you get the help you need.

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