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Southern California Fuel Cell Road Rally

Cruisin Southern California

Southern California Fuel Cell Vehicle Road Rally

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SEPTEMBER 16 – 19, 2004**Regions of Los Angeles County, Orange County, and San Diego**

The Very Latest in Cutting-Edge Fuel Cell Vehicle Technology Kicks Off an Awareness Tour through Southern California

“Cruisin Southern California” Fuel Cell Vehicle Road Rally Brings Fuel Cell Education and Driving Experience to Californias Community Leaders in LONG BEACH on SEPTEMBER 17th

WHAT: A unique collaborative of automotive manufacturers, energy companies, fuel technology corporations, and government agencies form the California Fuel Cell Partnership (CaFCP). Established in 1999 with the goal to demonstrate and promote the viability of fuel cell-powered vehicles as the automotive technology of the future, the CaFCP is proud to announce it’s third annual Road Rally. Designed to showcase the latest generation in fuel cell-powered vehicles to Southern Californians, this public outreach, and awareness tour will begin with a kick-off event at the new hydrogen fueling station at the South Coast Air Quality Management District in Diamond Bar. It will progress down the Southern California coastline and conclude with a finish line event at the San Diego County Administration Building.

On the second day of the Road Rally, City Council Members, Mayors, Community Leaders, and VIPs from across the state of California will have the opportunity to experience first-hand the latest generation of fuel cell vehicles. The ride will enhance the benefits they offer to the future of their communities as the CaFCP brings it’s displays and Ride-and-Drive events to the League of California Cities Conference in Long Beach on Friday, September 17th.

* Ten of the latest technology fuel cell vehicles will be on tour and available for Ride-and-Drive opportunities for community leaders and members of the public and media. Fuel cell experts from the California Fuel Cell Partnership will be on hand to speak with the participants about the various levels of technology that the Partnership has employed in moving Southern California toward a cleaner future.

* The residents of the South Coast basin breathe dirty air approximately one-third of the year. Ozone levels are often twice the federal health standard. The public is empowered to take action on improving the environment in many ways – from carpooling to using ozone-friendly products. The California Fuel Cell Partnership is committed to providing yet another means for California residents to breathe cleaner air, through the demonstration and commercialization of hydrogen-powered fuel cell vehicles.

* Fuel cell vehicles address the environmental issues that Southern California is faced with by producing zero smog-forming emissions and by reducing the amount of CO2 released into our atmosphere.

* Some of the automotive members of the CaFCP have started placing fuel cell vehicles into fleet operations in the Southern California area and more are coming. City, private business, and university fleets will be operating fuel cell vehicles on a day-to-day basis.

* The CaFCP is also committed to assisting Governor Schwarzenegger with his efforts to establish a Hydrogen Fueling Network on California highways. CaFCP automotive, energy, and fuel cell members along with its government agencies are participating in the state’s task forces charged with developing a “Hydrogen Highway” implementation plan.

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