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Steve Wozniak tells Blitzer about his Prius, “It was a hoax” on Driving the Nation

2010 Chicago Auto Show, Chicago, IL – Robert S. Carter Group Vice President and General Manager – Toyota Division Toyota Motor Sales, USA, Inc sat down with me at the Chicago auto show for a 35-minute exclusive interview.

When complaints started about Steve Wozniak’s Toyota Prius, I called Steve Wozniak and confirmed that he had said that his Toyota Prius had a minor cruise control/acceleration problem and a bigger problem with neither Toyota or NHTSA paying attention to his complaints.

I wasted some of my minutes with Toyota asking Carter about the dancing with the stars guy who said that he had problems with his Toyota.

I was told that Wozniak had gone on Wolf Blitzer’s “the situation room” and told CNN’s Blitzer that “It was a hoax, it was a bet that I could get on your show.”Indeed, that is what Wozniak said on CNN.

I emailed him, and he confirmed the same thing to me, that it was a hoax.
> At 7:45 AM -0800 2/11/10, Lou Hammond wrote:
>> I was told by Toyota that you told CNN that the Prius event was all a hoax.
>> Is that true?
> Steve Wozniak: Yes, and I explained it to Wolf Blitzer on his show. I explained that I had made a bet that I could get on his show and “here I am.” Then I explained that the hoax was the news media making me out to be a big Toyota complainer and I explained that mine was safe and I had just driven it down to L.A. I also had to tell him the truth, that he wasn’t as much fun as the crew at Dancing With The Stars.

Lou Ann Hammond

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