OECD’s International Transport Forum

Prof. Dr. Wubbo J Ockels is a Dutch physicist and astronaut. I met up with Ockels at OECD’s International Transport Forum. There he talked to me about his prototype Super Buss.

The Super Buss is a high-speed electric transportation system. It is as long and wide as a bus, but not as high. It looks more like a limousine on steroids. The Superbus is the work of the Delft University of Technology.

The Superbus is fifteen meters long. It is designed to carry 23 passengers at up to 250 km per hour. The buss is made of lightweight materials provided by Aerospace engineering firm TenCate. The entire structure of the buss is made from carbon fiber.

Think of something like this in the Middle East. It has already been shown there.

Have a look.