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Volvo, China, France, California EVs

Last week on the Washington Post carchat there were many questions about Volvo's decision to go all electrified by 2019. Why they asked? Why only Electric vehicles? In the face of the G20 conference just held in Hamburg, Germany, where nineteen of the countries in attendance agreed to the Paris Climate Change agreement, the United [...]

Chevy Equinox fuel cell Project Driveway

Real world drivers, Ben and Jackie Lee, in front of a Chevy Equinox fuel cell, blogged their way to be part of "Project Driveway," three-month trial period from General Motors. The Lees didn't meet any of the expectations I thought GM was looking for, kids, big fuel bills, lots of commuting. What they [...]

GM partners with A123Systems for Chevy Volt

From GM: GM and A123Systems to Co-Develop Lithium-Ion Battery Cell for Chevrolet Volt Agreement Speeds Up Development of Chevy Volts Innovative Propulsion System “Breakthrough battery technology will drive future automotive propulsion, and the company that aligns with the best strategic partners will win. That's what is so significant about this deal,” said Bob Lutz, GM [...]

What does it take to be a PZEV engine?

Partial Zero Emission Vehicles - PZEV - The temperature of the catalyst is a critical factor in the performance of your car.  When it is cold, it is less efficient then when it is hot.  Further down the line, with your exhaust, is more ceramic substrate catalysts that help further reduce hydrocarbon and NOx.  The [...]

BMW H2 NZEV, Near Zero Emission Vehicle

Watch an overview of the BMW H2 NZEV (Near Zero Emission Vehicle) prototype seven series from Dr. Edgar Berger at the 2006 ZEV (Zero Emission Vehicle) symposium hosted by the California Air Resources Board. Dr. Berger studied physics and received his diploma in 1996 while finishing his Ph.D. in 1999 at the University of Heidelberg [...]

A look at Future battlefield vehicles

What will the battlefield vehicles look like in the future? Rochester, NY April 1, 2005 - The U.S. Army took delivery of its first leased fuel cell vehicle from General Motors. The presentation took place at General Motors Fuel Cell Activities center in Honeoye Falls, NY. The fuel-cell center is across the street from a [...]

Renewable fuel in European transportation

Renewable fuel sources in the European transportation sector As British media drive the latest Focus Flexi-Fuel Vehicle (FFV) in Sweden this week, Ford is announcing a partnership with the Somerset Biofuel Project. The European Commission has presented a proposal for a new European Directive to increase renewable fuel sources in the transportation sector. The goal [...]

Alternatives to hybrids; ethanol, CNG

Chevron's refineries that went down after Hurricane Katrina are at 56 percent of production. Hurricane Rita is looming in the Gulf. Gas prices are rising and the hurricane season isn't over, and winter hasn't arrived. People are not only talking about the price of gas but what they are doing to use less. Last night, [...]

Underground Coal Gasification

Underground Coal Gasification (UCG) I was reading John Kerry's democratic platform that concerned the environment and automobiles. In the document, Kerry called for the increasing use of coal. Instantly, I thought, boy if that isn't a political ploy to try to get more votes from the coal ridden states. Then I talked to Ray Smith [...]