The privileged perks of Carlos Ghosn’s family

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If you think Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin are having a bad month, Carlos Ghosn is telling them to hold his sake. That's right; not only is Ghosn still in Japan, after 108 days in jail, but there are also now allegations that Nissan paid to send Carlos Ghosn's four children to Stanford University in [...]

Cars that are lighter, faster and more fuel-efficient

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There are many reasons to make a car lighter including power-to-weight ratio that makes you go faster and have more fun. Another reason would be less costly if you are taking parts out of the vehicle. The number one reason to make cars lighter these days is for fuel-efficiency. Car companies are under siege to [...]

The U.K.s fastest growing car brands

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Using the latest government data on licensed and registered vehicles, regtransfers has worked out which car brands have seen the most growth over the last 20 years. New data released from reveals the fastest growing car brands over the past 20 years, uncovering a luxury car boom and how British automaker MG has made [...]