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Road rage is all the rage on the freeways

They say you shouldn’t go to bed, angry or stressed. And the same goes for getting in your car. Getting in your vehicle stressed could lead to careless driving, irritability with other drivers, and could lead to an accident. Taking some time to calm down, relax and de-stress could benefit you before you get behind [...]

E.C.D. Custom D90 automotive design

E.C.D. AUTOMOTIVE DESIGN ROLLS OUT A BEAUTIFUL D90 WITH THE PERFECT COMBINATION OF MODERN LUXURY AND PERSONALIZATION KISSIMMEE, FL – December 4, 2018 – E.C.D. Automotive Design rolls out a beautiful custom D90 that combines modern luxury and style with features representing the client’s personality, highlighting just how much can be personalized on custom vehicles [...]

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2018 list of Plug-in hybrids, EVs, FCEVs

There were over 500,000 electrified vehicles on America's roads in 2015. While that is a significant increase from the 70,000 in 2012, it is still less than projected. EV sales are increasing, up over 37% in 2016. This year there will be more PHEV and EV SUVs on the market, than ever before. History shows [...]

The Auto World past, present, future with John Batchelor

Now is the time to buy a new car! Sales for 2017 are lagging compared to 2016, and car companies are dealing. My friend, Wayne, purchased a brand new 2018 Hyundai Elantra ECO that listed for $21,645 for just $13,808 last week. 2017 is predicted to be the first full-year sales decline since the Great [...]

All-electric Morgan EV3 begins production in 2018

Morgan Motor Company announces a technical partnership with Frazer-Nash Energy Systems as the all-electric Morgan EV3 enters production next year. The EV3 embraces new technology while delivering the raw driving experience and traditional British craftsmanship synonymous with every Morgan. The partnership with Frazer-Nash Energy Systems allows the EV3 an all-new architecture, incorporating components already well [...]

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Who won a free Katzkin leather interior in their car?

Who won the Katzkin Leather interior transformation? Katzkin Leather and Driving the Nation held a contest to find one person that had cloth seats that wanted leather seats in their car. It is such a wonderful luxury gift from Katzkin and the winner has just been announced. Contestants entered from all over the United States [...]

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Former-Ford Exec now CEO of GKN Plc amid turmoil

Whoa, someone call Shonda Rhimes. There has to be a backstory to this that is worthy of the screenwriter that has mastered the television show, Scandal. Let's look at this in a way only Rhimes could. The press release from GKN was direct, "Kevin Cummings, previously CEO Designate, will leave the Board and GKN with [...]

Shell Eco-marathon the Superbowl of fuel-efficiency

In the United States, the Superbowl is the culmination of a year of team rivalry in football. An entire year of contentiousness culminates in that one game that is watched by millions. Even people who don't watch football, watch the Superbowl. Some of them watch it for the commercials. Millions and millions of dollars are [...]

Waymo – What are you made of; not drivers

At the 2017 Los Angeles Auto Show Waymo's CEO, John Krafcik said that Self-driving cars are getting closer and that they are looking at self-driving trucks as well. At about the same time that Google was renaming their company, Alphabet Google self-driving cars picked the name Waymo for its autonomous driving company. Waymo means What [...]