Former-Ford Exec now CEO of GKN Plc amid turmoil

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Whoa, someone call Shonda Rhimes. There has to be a backstory to this that is worthy of the screenwriter that has mastered the television show, Scandal. Let's look at this in a way only Rhimes could. The press release from GKN was direct, "Kevin Cummings, previously CEO Designate, will leave the Board and GKN with [...]

Hyundai’s John Krafcik Hyundai Sonata hybrid

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Lou Ann Hammond, CEO,, talked to John Krafcik, president and CEO of Hyundai Motor America. Hyundai Sonata and hybrid for sale and review Krafcik explains the re-designed 2011 Sonata, and the new Sonata SE that is sooo sporty. Krafcik talks about Hyundai going away from the pack - moving away from 6-cylinders to 4-cylinder [...]