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Dubai $5 Million Challenge for Self-Driving Transport

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At the Washington Auto Show, there was a plenary session of countries talking about the advancements each Nation has made in self-driving cars and transportation. The Ministry of Economy for the United Arab Emirates, Talal M. Al Kaissi, and counterparts from Germany, South Korea, and other countries exchanged ideas on emerging trends in autonomous driving [...]

Got a great idea? Need money? NSF

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At the Washington Auto Show The National Science Foundation (NSF) showed off one of the projects they funded. The NSF funds more than 3,000 autonomous vehicle research projects. The organization is dedicated to funding projects in science and engineering research and education that will directly impact our world. A great example is a Collaborative Research [...]

The biggest obstacle for automated vehicles

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On the eve of the Washington Auto Show, 2018 four experts and a Senator came together to talk about automated vehicles. Each person talked about the benefits and the struggles the rules and regulations, the technology, the acceptance and the infrastructure. Awareness, Acceptance and existing infrastructure are at the top of obstacles for automated vehicles. [...]

Continental’s 3D Flash Lidar already in use

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While most people at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) are talking about 3D Flash LIDAR in cars, Brashtech is putting the Continental G6A1 Flash LiDAR Camera in their drones. Evan Flyn, Engineer for the High-resolution 3D Flash Lidar ADAS, Continental said that the properties that make this Lidar so valuable in a car are the [...]

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