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Zoox – a new car design for autonomous vehicles

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There was no car to drive from Zoox at the 2013 Los Angeles auto show, but Tim Kentley-Klay, founder, CEO and visionary of Zoox told Lou Ann Hammond, CEO, Driving the Nation, that the human driver is the biggest danger in autonomous vehicles. Kentley-Klay has met with Google about designing self-driving cars. Usually that much [...]

Continental’s Jeff Klei on autonomous vehicles

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Jeff Klei, Continental President, North America talked to Lou Ann Hammond, CEO, Driving the Nation about autonomous driving. Previous to the 2013 Las Angeles auto show, the Connected Car Expo, Klei was part of a symposium about autonomous vehicles. When will the public see autonomous cars on the road? Continental AG just announced [...]

Stanford’s Sebastian Thrun, on Darpa urban challenge

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Sebastian Thrun, Professor of Computer Science, Stanford, talks about the different challenges between previous Grand Challenges, and the current Urban Challenge. Thrun also discusses the financing behind the car, and how they received most of their money. From Sebastian Thrun, (born 1967 in Solingen, Germany) is an Associate Professor of Computer Science [...]

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