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Ten things to know before you tow

Top ten things to know before you tow We have an eclectic group of friends with many different interests: some of them including towing and hauling animals and cars. Ed owns the Aerocar, the 1958 Moult Taylor designed flying car. Ed has two sons, one lives in Florida, the other in Auburn, CA. Both sons [...]

Worlds ONLY flying 1956 Moult Taylor Aerocar

Auburn, CA - Eric Sweeney, co-owner of Auburn Airplane works, talked to me about the 1956 Moult Taylor designed Aerocar. There were only 4-5 Aerocars built. This is the only Aerocar that is flying. Sweeney's father, Ed, owns the plane/car and they are restoring it. The Aerocar has been in the family for twenty years. [...]

President George Bush’s The Yellow Peril N3N

President George Bush To say former President George Bush was gutsy as a young man is an understatement, though, as most youth his age he probably didn't think so. President Bush was a student at Phillips Academy in Andover, Mass when pearl harbor was attacked. Like many youths of today, President Bush felt compelled to [...]