EPA Pruitt casts shadow of doubt on Sunny California

Listen to John Batchelor radio show with Mary Kissel, Wall Street Journal, and Lou Ann Hammond talking about Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Pruitt versus California Air Resources Board (CARB) Donald Trump's Environmental Protection Agency, Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt, poked a stick in the middle of a hornet's nest when he said he [...]

CARB’s Nichols on VW diesel in California

California Air Resources Board Chair Mary Nichols talked to Lou Ann Hammond, CEO, Driving the Nation about the status of CARB and Volkswagen. What is the status of CARB and Volkswagen? Will Volkswagen be allowed to sell diesel vehicles in California ever again? Nichols concedes that Volkswagen could sell again, but it sounds [...]

California won the battle and the war

Energy Partisanship vs. Energy Policy California is once again setting itself up to be the clean air czar of the nation. President Obama increased the Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE), which lessens the amount of greenhouse gas emissions. The new standard will require automakers to cut tailpipe emissions by 30% by 2016. The new national [...]

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