Veteran’s Day, NACTOY, Washington Post carchat

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Good Morning Warren and friends, Before anything we do today let's stop and say Thank You to the Veterans. As many of you know, Stretch's Father was at Omaha Beach; his Mother was a member of Women's Army Corps (WAC) during World War II. My Father served in the military for twenty-eight years, serving in [...]

Hyundai rocks SEMA and Valley of the Fire

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Good Morning Warren and Friends, Ken Block unveiling his 90’s WRC Ford Escort Cossie in its Gymkhana TEN livery at the Pennzoil display Another wonderful week in the world of automobiles. I drove the 2018 Hyundai Accent in Las Vegas, NV. I can't give you my driving impressions, and the pricing hasn't been [...]

Range Rover Evoque convertible, turbo, carchat

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Good Morning Warren and Friends, One of the chatters last week asked, "What group would have this information? I know when the turbo 4 ECOBOOST came out at first, people seemed unsure about it in terms of MPG and reliability. Specifically talking about the 2.0T in the Fusion Titanium, not the smaller 1.5. Has the [...]

World Premieres, speakerless cars, WAPO carchat

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Sorry that we couldn't chat last week. We're back! The last time we chatted a chatter asked about the new concept from Continental AG, one of the big auto suppliers. They were showcasing a speakerless car; the system was built into the car instead. The chatter asked, "Using structural elements of the vehicle as speakers [...]

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