Clean air CES Washington Post carchat

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Good Morning Warren and friends, It's been a busy New Years for me, but before we get to that let me give you the good news. The Washington Auto Show has given us some tickets to give to you! If you can go to the show on January 22, send me an email at lou [...]

What will the auto industry look like in 2012? on Driving the Nation

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Question: Lou Ann, take a look into the future, say around 2012. What will the auto industry look like in the United States? LAH: I believe that at least two of the Detroit 3 will still be American owned, Ford and General Motors. You may start seeing some Chrysler/Fiat cars brought into the United States. [...]

Ed Welburn, GM, on the design of the Chevy Volt

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Ed Welburn is the top designer for General Motors. After the unveiling Welburn took Lou Ann Hammond on a tour of the Volt, talking about the aerodynamics and the design of the car.