2019 Chicago Auto Show unveils

Cars in the Windy City Chicago is the windy city, but it is also home to the self-proclaimed largest auto show in the Nation. Here are some of the vehicles we saw while at the show: 2020 Subaru Legacy The seventh-generation Legacy will be available in Base, Premium, Sport, Limited, Limited XT and [...]

2020 Chevy Silverado Heavy-Duty HD first look

Hold my beer Ram and Ford tried to rain on Chevy's parade putting out press releases about their trucks. Mark Reuss might as well have tweeted a #holdmybeer to them as he unveiled the 2020 Chevrolet Silverado HD with 35,500-pound towing capacity. The Flint manufacturing plant will have 4,000 jobs in that plant [...]

Cars you can’t buy at the Chicago Auto Show

The 2018 Chicago Auto Show (CAS) is full of some of the highest performing segments in Chicago such as SUVs and trucks. There are luxury vehicles and even a supercar highway. Scattered throughout the show are cars that you can't buy; concept cars, prototypes, museum pieces, and even a new Police car. Volvo's Petfinder Our [...]

More Toyota scrum at the 2010 Chicago auto show

2010 Chicago Auto Show, Chicago, IL - Robert S. Carter Group Vice President and General Manager - Toyota Division Toyota Motor Sales, USA, Inc held a scrum after the unveiling of the redesigned Toyota Avalon. Carter talks about mechanical, not electronic problems. What about electromagnetic interference? Will all new assemblies be made to all the [...]


February 11, 2005 - Lou Ann Hammond discusses her favorite 2005 Chicago auto show luxury vehicles with John Batchelor The 2005 Chicago Auto show is the most civilized show of the year. Less than twenty new reveals with enough time to look at them and talk to the executives. The reveals in the windy city [...]

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