Chris Urmson out of Google Cars

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I have been interviewing Urmson since his DARPA days, his faculty time as Director of Technology at Carnegie Mellon, and from the beginning of his time at Google cars. Urmson is passionate about robots and technology. When I talked to him as a faculty member at Carnegie Mellon, we spoke of the robots in Afghanistan [...]

Google’s Chris Urmson Robo Business Symposium

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San Jose, CA - Chris Urmson leads Google's self-driving car program and is an adjunct professor at Carnegie Mellon University. Urmson was a keynote speaker at the 2013 Robo Business Symposium. Urmson talked about how Google's self-driving vehicles hold the promise of saving lives and reshaping our relationship with the automobile. Urmson said when he [...]

Chris Urmson, Carnegie faculty, Tartan racing

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1st place - #19, Tartan Racing, "Boss" Carnegie Mellon, Pittsburg, PA Chris Urmson, Director of Technology Tartan Racing, talks about what it is like to have been a student working on robots for the DARPA grand challenge and, now, what it is like to be part of the faculty of Carnegie Mellon working [...]