Rockin’ Garages with Ken Gross on Driving the Nation

2012 Los Angeles Auto Show (LAAS) Lou Ann Hammond, the CEO,, talked to Ken Gross, co-author of Rockin' Garages, another great book idea for the Holidays. Authors Tom Cotter and Ken Gross profile each musician, revealing the story behind their music and why they collected the cars they did. Michael Alan Ross brings the [...]

The Big Book of Car Culture

roadside America While countless books are devoted to unique roadside culture and car-related subjects, none have addressed in one volume American pop culture's love affair with the automobile. But what is that love affair, if not an expanse of fond memories and compelling kitsch as vast as the nation itself? This smorgasbord offers discriminating readers [...]

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Mercedes-Benz Museum Christmas calendar

Mercedes-Benz Museum classic car The Mercedes Classic Center USA is offering the 2005 collector editions of the Mercedes-Benz Museum classic car calendar and date planner. Both items highlight classic Mercedes-Benz automobile design and performance, and both are available in time for the holiday season.The colorful, collectible 18 x 24-inch calendar for 2005 celebrates the languages [...]

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Jaguar Diamond for Christmas gift

A Girl's best friend A 10 Carat Flawless Diamond for Christmas. In fact, if you've got enough money for this diamond, why not use a Jaguar XKR to wrap a diamond Christmas gift? Perhaps a British racing green with a big red bow. Perfect. The Jaguar Holiday Collection proudly offers this ten carat flawless D [...]

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The Birth of Hot Rodding Christmas gift book

Historic hot rods are hot…interest in what Boyd Coddington calls "our ancestor cars," is on the rise. Hot rods will grace the Pebble Beach Concours d' Elegance, Amelia Island and the Concours on Rodeo. Record-breaking sales of historic hot rods like the ex-Ricky Nelson/Tony La Masa 32 roadster at Barrett-Jackson. You can see fresh restorations [...]

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