Classic cars, culture, and coffee in Cuba

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Brenda Priddy is well-known worldwide for her photography. Since 2013 Priddy has been traveling to Cuba under the people-2-people license, which falls under the educational category. It’s currently one of the 12 categories that Americans are allowed to visit Cuba. Classic cars, culture, and coffee in Cuba by Brenda Priddy Priddy puts together [...]

Going the wrong way on a one way in Italy

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We were going the wrong way The wrong way on a one-way street in the tiny coastal town of Arco Felice. Usually, roundabouts went around. Getting lost or confused about which direction to take while you're inside one is an easy fix - you just keep driving in a circle until you figure [...]

Julius Meinl coffee at the Element Hotel in Frankfurt, Germany on Driving the Nation

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I love coffee. Just the thought of getting up in the morning to the smell of fresh ground, french pressed coffee puts a smile on my face. I am one of those people that can drink coffee as soon as I wake up and right before I go to bed. Julius Meinl coffee at [...]