Gunther Werks 400R Concept and Apollo 13

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Apollo 13 is my all-time favorite movie. I have watched that show over 100 times and have it on DVD, VHS, and on my desktop. My entire body is frozen in time while I wait for the guys to come through the black hole with no communication. That's four minutes standing by; Odyssey, this is [...]

GM partners with A123Systems for Chevy Volt

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From GM: GM and A123Systems to Co-Develop Lithium-Ion Battery Cell for Chevrolet Volt Agreement Speeds Up Development of Chevy Volts Innovative Propulsion System “Breakthrough battery technology will drive future automotive propulsion, and the company that aligns with the best strategic partners will win. That's what is so significant about this deal,” said Bob Lutz, GM [...]

Mazda Ryuga concept unveil at NAIAS

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Mazda Ryuga concept vehicle unveiling at the 100th anniversary of the Detroit auto show (NAIAS.) The Mazda Ryuga - Japanese for gracious flow concept was shown at the 2007 North American International Auto Show in Detroit. The Gull-winged Ryuga 2.5-liter flex fuel engine and a 6-speed automatic transmission the best-looking thing at the Detroit show [...]

Concept Vehicle of the Year Award Winners

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Dearborn, MI, June 16 – The fourth annual North American Concept Vehicle of the Year Awards were announced this evening during a ceremony at the Automotive Hall of Fame. Organized by the South East Automotive Media Organization, and mcd by Lou Ann Hammond, CEO, and concept juror, the awards recognize those vehicles most likely [...]