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Samsung buys Harman for connecting in cars

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When you go to a segmented car starts breathing; one section at a time the car pulses. If you click on the cloud that hovers over the car, cyber security information comes up. Each group talks about a part of the connected car; data exchange, navigation, the cloud, connectivity, apps, connected interface, [...]

Random pictures from the Los Angeles auto show

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The Los Angeles auto show is mainly about new car reviews, but there are connected cars and design challenges that happen at the show as well. And then there are pictures that you take in the spur of the moment that end up being some of the funniest. Enjoy the show. [...]

Continental’s future connected car interface

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Brian Saloka is a senior software engineer for Continental AG. Saloka talked to Driving the Nation about the connected car, internet in the car and the ability to see your car on a 360 degree platform on your smartphone, no matter where you were. There is already connectivity in vehicles, such as Onstar, [...]