Where will the electricity come from for electric vehicles?

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Electricity from solar PV increased from 88.7 GWh in 1990 to 315.5 TWh in 2018, achieving a 33.9% annually Solar Panels are the fastest of all renewable electricity technologies The United States, the largest producer among OECD countries, increased production from 183 GWh in 2000 to 87.2 TWh in 2018, reflecting a 38.9% average annual [...]

Shell Eco-marathon the Superbowl of fuel-efficiency

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In the United States, the Superbowl is the culmination of a year of team rivalry in football. An entire year of contentiousness culminates in that one game that is watched by millions. Even people who don't watch football, watch the Superbowl. Some of them watch it for the commercials. Millions and millions of dollars are [...]

Bosch’s voltwerk, storage unit off the grid

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In 2012 Hurricane Sandy ravaged New York and left thousands without electricity. South Korea has had to shut down a couple of nuclear plants for safety checks, which could bring rolling blackouts. It only takes a couple of hours without electricity to realize how dependent you are on electricity. Bosch's Voltwerk, a storage [...]

Cosan: ethanol and electricity in Brazil

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Cosan: ethanol and electricity in Brazil "Is sugar cane like strawberries?" I asked Vanessa Heitmann, an engineer for COSAN Corporation, as she tried to explain why they got so much more sugar in June than they did in April. It's not just the quantity of sugar cane, but the quality, the amount of juice that [...]

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