NHTSA, EPA hearing on easing pollution limits

It's a juxtaposition that NHTSA/EPA has picked Fresno, CA to have their first meeting on easing the pollution limits that were set in 2012. Instead of having it at the Capitol in Sacramento, CA, on California Air Resources Board (CARB) territory they have picked the dirtiest county in California, Fresno. The first thought is that [...]

California sues EPA over clean car waiver

Anyone watching this story had to know California wasn't going to walk away from this fight. California has become the trumpeter of clean air with Schwarzenegger traveling the world holding the environmental beacon of light. For the first time, states could be allowed to limit greenhouse gasses to prevent climate change, which is recognized as [...]

Congress vs. States over CAFE: EPA vs. CARB

Fourteen states are fed up with Congress not enacting a CAFE regulation and are taking matters into their own hands. It looked hopeful for a while, the Dems coming into office and taking over, but then reality set in. “The” election is just 18 months away and playing for votes has already begun. What should [...]

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