VW dieselgate Winterkorn’s job in jeopardy?

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Listen to John Batchelor and Thaddeus McCotter talk to Lou Ann Hammond about Volkswagen admits emission manipulation, is Winterkorn's job in jeopardy? on the John Batchelor Radio Show   Volkswagen has admitted to deceiving the consumers and the Environmental regulatory agencies. Affected vehicles are diesel versions of the VW Jetta, Golf, Beetle [...]

California EPA denied vehicle emissions waiver on KFI640 AM

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Lou Ann Hammond and John Batchelor talk about the federal EPA's decision to deny the auto emissions wavier for California citing the recently passed federal energy bill as cause to stop California's exemption. For the first time, states are trying to limit greenhouse gases to prevent climate change, which is recognized as a global issue. [...]

Schwarzenegger EPA Lawsuit clean air

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Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger today notified the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that California will file a lawsuit against the federal government six months and one day after the required notice was originally sent on April 26, 2007. (see letter below) Last Friday, U.S. EPA Administrator Stephen L. Johnson indicated to the U.S. House of Representatives [...]

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