State of the Union George Bush Larry Kudlow

I was on CNBC's “Kudlow and Company” with Anne Stevens, Chief Operating Officer, The Americas, Executive Vice President, Ford Motor Company, and Kudlow asked if there ought to be mandated for ethanol. I replied yes. After I got off the show, I realized that Kudlow meant for automobiles, but I meant for oil companies. You [...]

Cosan: ethanol and electricity in Brazil

Cosan: ethanol and electricity in Brazil "Is sugar cane like strawberries?" I asked Vanessa Heitmann, an engineer for COSAN Corporation, as she tried to explain why they got so much more sugar in June than they did in April. It's not just the quantity of sugar cane, but the quality, the amount of juice that [...]

Ethanol: fuel, food or alcohol?

Fuel Ethanol Workshop The 20th Annual International Fuel Ethanol Workshop & Trade Show was held this week in Madison, Wisconsin. I'm not saying that ethanol has become mainstream, but it's only right to note that the first item on the itinerary is a game of golf. Would this be their annual "Alcohol Open"? You only [...]

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