Natural Summit Fitness Event UFE 2016

Natural Summit Fitness Event UFE While the United States just got through celebrating Thanksgiving by eating thousands of calories at one meal, a group of highly motivated bodybuilders met in Toronto to compete for the Natural Fitness Summit Ultimate Fitness award. The Ultimate Fitness Event (UFE) is about the journey of being a [...]

gocycling in Europe – ebike

Anyone who knows me knows that I love the plug-in hybrid. I also love the outdoors. Most my friends love the outdoors as well. Sam and my husband, Stretch, talk about going on a bicycle trip in Europe, but there is no way I am in that type of shape. I take bicycle classes at [...]

CES2016 – Automotive Electronics, Technology & Health & Fitness

CES - The first auto show of the year The first auto show of the year is only part of a bigger show called the Consumer Electronics Show. Included in that show is Technology and Health and Fitness. Technology, health and fitness, and automobiles are all part of the best, and most exhausting, show on [...]

Text Neck caused by technology

Text Neck I've always had a curved spine and the associated backaches and headaches that went along with a curved spine. One day I woke up and could barely move. I had all the symptoms of someone that had been spending too much time on the computer and my iPhone, a headache, upper back pain, [...]

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